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Vertere is a prestigious British high-end audio manufacturer, led by visionary founder and CEO Touraj Moghaddam. Hand-crafted in London, UK Vertere Acoustic is dedicated to crafting exceptional audio products with a commitment to uncompromising quality and innovation.


The Vertere DG-1S turntable combines high-end audio quality with accessibility. It features higher resolution replay, dynamic contrasts, improved stereo separation, a new 5-ply tonearm beam, and motor drive software adjustments. Exceptional performance for music enthusiasts.

//mg-1 mkii

The Vertere MG-1 MkII Magic Groove turntable combines remarkable sound quality with accessible design. It shares critical elements with the SG-1 Player, including a precision main bearing and belt-driven operation. Upgradable for enhanced performance, it’s a beautifully crafted turntable.


Vertere’s RG-1 Reference Groove turntable is a pinnacle model in the high-end turntable arena. Crafted with meticulous precision, it embodies Vertere’s mastery in quality audio engineering and luxury hi-fi systems. This unparalleled auditory journey mirrors live music immersion


Acoustic Signature

Acoustic Signature, a German-based manufacturer, crafts high-end audio products including analog turntables, tonearms, phono equalizers, and cartridges. Founded in 1996, their precision-engineered turntables have gained global acclaim. Notable models include the Invictus Neo, Ascona Neo, and Montana Neo. Each turntable, bearing the tag “Made in Germany,” embodies excellence in tonal quality and aesthetics.

//Montana Neo

The Montana NEO turntable boasts a trifecta of insulated AC-motors, a diamond-coated DTD® bearing, and silencer technology for reduced vibration. Its CLD aluminum chassis ensures superior resonance control, while the double belt drive allows precise speed adjustment. With an integrated control panel, it’s ready for up to 2 tonearms.

//Typhoon NEO

The Typhoon NEO stands as a pinnacle in uncompromising turntables. Offering space for three tonearms and incorporating advanced drive and chassis technologies, this high-mass turntable guarantees to captivate even the most discerning audiophiles with its impressive performance.

//Maximus NEO

The Maximus NEO turntable by Acoustic Signature is a high-end audio device designed for audiophiles and music enthusiasts. Crafted with precision, it features a robust construction, a massive aluminum platter, and a belt-driven motor.

//Double X Neo

The Double X Neo turntable by Acoustic Signature seamlessly blends cutting-edge engineering with timeless aesthetics. Quiet AC-motor, diamond-coated DTD® bearing, and CLD technology ensure precise, silent performance and unparalleled resonance control. Available in elegant piano black or glossy Makassar finish.

//Verona NEO

The Verona Neo turntable by Acoustic Signature is a true audiophile’s delight. Crafted with precision, it boasts 3 integrated AC-motors, an ultraprecise Dura Turn Diamond® Bearing, and an optimized multi-sandwich chassis for superior rigidity and acoustic properties.

//Tango Reference

The Tango Reference phono preamp by Acoustic Signature is an audiophile’s dream. Crafted with precision, it features 3 integrated AC-motors, an external digital motor controller (DMC-20), and the ultraprecise Dura Turn Diamond® Bearing. Its CLD aluminum chassis ensures superior resonance control, making it a top choice for discerning music lovers.



Based in New Zealand, Antipodes is all about crafting top-notch music servers and audio components. Their mission is to bring audiophiles an authentic and captivating music experience. Using innovative technologies, they tackle issues like vibration and noise, creating products that unveil the finest details in music recordings. With meticulous craftsmanship, advanced engineering, and cutting-edge components, Antipodes Audio stands out in the high-end audio scene, delivering unmatched performance and musicality to enthusiasts worldwide.


Rediscover your favorite music like it’s the very first time. The Oladra lets you hear every little detail just right, with perfect timing and balance. It brings music to life effortlessly, capturing the true essence of how musicians sound in actual spaces. This reveals the sheer artistry of the musicians and the raw passion behind each recording.


The Antipodes K50 music server, underwent a transformation in 2023 with G4 Oladra technology. This upgrade enhances treble, bass, and mid-range, resulting in an immersive music experience. The K50 features four separate processing engines optimized for specific tasks, direct streaming capabilities, and multiple output options.


The Antipodes K22 Music Server/Streamer is an impressive performer, delivering exceptional musical insight. It comes close to the performance of the remarkable KALA 50, making it an excellent choice for those seeking immersive sound and emotional connection. The K22 supports various apps and outputs, including USB, S/PDIF, AES3, and I2S.


The Antipodes K21 Music Server/Streamer is an incredible performer at its price, delivering levels of musical insight not found in most price-no-object music server-streamers. It comes close to the performance of the amazing KALA 50 via USB, making it a true high-end bargain.


Accustic Arts

ACCUSTIC ARTS sets the standard for precision in high-end audio, crafting all products with meticulous care in Germany. Each component undergoes thorough assessments, some lasting up to two weeks, to ensure uncompromised quality and an optimized price-to-value ratio. Drawing from extensive experience in recording studios and PA systems, our mission is “Absolute Sound Fidelity Through Reproduction.” ACCUSTIC ARTS embodies this commitment with precision components, advanced technology, and sound construction, delivering high-end offerings that blend natural, emotive sound with German craftsmanship.

//Mono VI

The Accustic Arts Mono VI is a high-end monoblock power amplifier designed for audiophiles seeking exceptional sound quality. With a power output of up to 500 watts, it delivers precise, transparent audio reproduction. Explore more at the official Accustic Arts website.

//Power III

The Accustic Arts Power III is a high-performance stereo power amplifier designed for discerning audiophiles. With a power output of up to 200 watts per channel, it delivers exceptional sound quality and precise amplification.

//Tube Preamp V

The Accustic Arts Tube Preamp V is a high-end vacuum tube preamplifier designed for audiophiles seeking exceptional sound quality. Crafted with precision, it features hand-selected tubes, balanced inputs, and a sophisticated volume control system. Experience rich, warm tones and precise audio reproduction with this exquisite preamp.

//Player IV

The Accustic Arts Player IV is an exceptional high-end CD player designed for audiophiles who demand uncompromising sound quality. Crafted with precision, it features advanced digital-to-analog conversion, robust build quality, and meticulous attention to detail. Immerse yourself in pristine audio reproduction with this exquisite CD player.


Solid Tech

Solid Tech, based in Sweden, crafts premium audio racks with a focus on detail, performance, and finish, creating uncompromised systems. Utilizing the finest components and construction techniques, their aim is to meet and exceed the needs of every listener, ensuring satisfaction and superior quality.


The Radius corner-pillars, made from premium Swedish aluminum, are anodized in deep black or satin silver. They offer optimal weight-to-stiffness balance and eliminate ringing. Custom lengths are available, and standard racks come in various sizes, shelf variants, and pillar colors.

//Rack of Silence

The Rack of Silence is an expertly engineered audio equipment support system that minimizes resonance and vibration. It comes preassembled for easy setup. With innovative design, it ensures high-quality sound and stability. Available in black or silver anodized aluminum with wood trim veneers.


The Balance audio equipment stand, meticulously crafted, minimizes sound coloration. Its stability comes from thick high-density shelves and sand-fillable corner posts. Choose from three color options: Silk oak, White oak, and Black oak.

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