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At Rutherford Audio, our relentless quest for sound excellence drives us to continuously discover the best audio equipment in the market. We take great satisfaction in sharing our deep knowledge through our personalized services, guaranteeing a unique and superior audio journey for each respected HiFi dealer or integrator.

The Premier Hi-Fi Distributor in North America

As the unrivalled authority in luxury audio distribution across North America, Rutherford Audio sets the gold standard. We present an exclusive curation of Europe’s most esteemed Hi-Fi audio brands, each renowned for their unparalleled craftsmanship and rich European heritage in manufacturing.

Within our meticulously curated catalog, discerning audio enthusiasts will encounter a diverse array of offerings. Immerse yourself in the precise artistry of Revox, meticulously crafted amidst the mystique of the Black Forest. Indulge in Vertere’s audio components, forged in the crucibles of London UK. Ascend to the summit of opulence with Acoustic Signature’s precision-engineered components from Süssen, near Stuttgart, Germany. Elevate your auditory journey with Antipodes exquisite streamers, hailing from the heart of New Zealand.

Our product range spans the spectrum from Thorens replacement belts, providing cost-effective solutions, to the zenith of ultra high-end reference amplifiers, speakers, and top-of-the-line record players, sourced from venerable brands like Vertere (UK), Acoustic Signature (Germany), Revox (Switzerland), and an illustrious array of others.

At Rutherford Audio, our unyielding pursuit of auditory perfection impels us to tirelessly seek out the finest audio gear available today. We take immense pride in imparting our profound expertise through our concierge services, ensuring a bespoke and elevated auditory odyssey for every esteemed HiFi dealer or integrator.

Connect with our devoted team, and grant us the privilege of guiding you towards an unparalleled auditory voyage. If you are a high value manufacture providing exceptional products we would welcome the discussion to see how we may assist your brand within North America.

USA Office:

14 Inverness Drive East, Unit G-108
Englewood CO 80112

Canada Office:

Unit 213-21300 Gordon Way,
Richmond, BC, V6W 1M2
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