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The Premier Hi-Fi Distributor in North America

Rutherford Audio is North America’s premier distribution channel for a select few of Europe’s finest Hi-Fi audio brands. We strive to represent only the best in the market, carefully choosing our partners for their commitment to quality and performance and European manufacturing. Our catalog varies greatly: from the small in size, like our bluetooth speakers made by Revox in the Black Forest, to Vertere from London with parts being made in a local Formula 1 facility to luxury components from GoldNote in the Tuscan hillside of Italy, to Burmester’s full-sized 2 channel complete systems from Berlin. Prices range from low cost Thorens replacement belts to ultra high-end reference Amplifiers, Speakers, and top-of-the-line Record Players from Vertere of the UK, Acoustic Signature from Germany, Burmester from Germany and GoldNote from Italy, and much much more. Rutherford Audio is in constant search of the best possible audio gear coming out of Europe and we are happy to share our experience through our concierge services. Just ask one of us how we can help improve your listening experience.
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About Us

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what we do

As a premier distributor we do much more than just ship products around the country!

Service Department

We service products in house in Denver, Vancouver and Atlanta with with our techs having over 40 years of experience of repairing audio equipment.

Dealer Marketing

We assist our dealers with marketing materials for all our products. With High Res imagery, videos and social media content available to our dealers.

Brand Marketing

It is a new digital age and as each global territory is unique we can offer marketing assistance to brands for this territory. We offer a team of specialists to conduct digital marketing. Photography, Video, Graphic Design and Social Media

Specialized Dealer Assistance

Beyond standard marketing products, we offer specialized digital marketing campaigns and sales training to assist dealers in their local regions.

Web Store

We offer a web store development for any regions that are not covered by our dealers as well as easy access to product information for our dealers and grammatically correct websites for manufactures.

Event and Trade Shows

Our team is specially trained to attend trade shows and create stunningly beautiful displays in order to ensure maximum exposure.