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New Arrivals

Verona NEO
Verona NEO

Introducing the new Verona NEO from Acoustic Signature: Embrace the resurgence of classic retro design with our latest turntable model. Boasting the capacity to accommodate two 12-inch tonearms, the Verona NEO delivers limitless possibilities, fulfilling the desires of passionate music enthusiasts seeking the ultimate audio experience.


Introducing Balance, the revolutionary rack by Solid Tech designed to preserve the integrity of your sound. Its exceptional stability, achieved through thick high-density shelves and sand-fillable corner posts, ensures minimal coloration, allowing your audio system to faithfully reproduce music with utmost precision. Experience audio purity like never before with Balance, the perfect harmony of stability and sonic transparency.

DG-1S Turntable

The new DG-1S delivers higher resolution replay, greater dynamic contrasts and improved stereo separation with greater precision while at the same time keeping the musicality the DG-1 is known for.

Revox StudioMaster
StudioMaster Audio System

The STUDIOMASTER M500 and M300 Audio Systems from Revox are designed for the demanding individual. They combine the advantages of high-end stereo systems with those of Multiroom solutions.

Gold Note PH-5
PH-5 Phono Stage

PH-5 is a new generation phono stage and has all you need to have the best vinyl experience ever: 1 stereo RCA input, 6 EQ curves (RIAA, DECCA-LONDON e AMERICAN COLUMBIA plus enhanced), MM and MC settings, and a large display that shows all the settings in real-time.

Gold Note DS-10 Evo
DS-10 Evo

The DS-10 EVO is a streaming DAC integrating headphone output and preamp in a beautiful aluminium chassis. Based on the high performing AKM AK4493 DAC chipset, it is capable of handling audio files up to PCM 32bit/768kHz and DSD512. The DS-10 EVO features LAN, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0.

Solid Tech Racks
Solid Tech Racks

Solid Tech design an audio support system that is a total concept, combining aesthetics, flexibility and performance as well as high quality craftsmanship.

Astellar Turntable
A*stellar Turntable

A turntable like no other in terms of concept and sonic performance. It has a unique 36 layer designed with 18 different materials with defined energy transfer speed combined in the optimum sequence.

218 Power Amp
218 Power Amplifier

The 218 power amplifier is visually and sonically oriented towards our flagship 159 amplifier. At the same time, the Reference Line power amplifier consistently benefits from the experience and knowledge that Burmester has derived from four decades of successful amplifier development.

216 Power Amp
216 Power Amplifier

The 216 power amplifier can drive speakers with the lowest impedance values and complex loads easily, to achieve a transparent and spacious sound with superior dynamics.

BC150 Loudspeaker

The new BC150 is given the same uncompromising, obsessive-compulsive approach to design and engineering. Alongside the two AMT folded ribbon tweeters (one front firing; a second, smaller and rear-mounted for adjusting spatial properties in room), the midrange is a Scanspeak design, heavily modified to Burmester’s spec.

217 Turntable

The 217 is Burmester’s first turntable introduced to its renowned Top Line series. The 217 prioritizes optimal playback quality above all – and utilizes highly intuitive operability. During the research and development process of the 217, Burmester was able to draw on more than 35 years of processing experience with the highest-quality phono signal and make excellent use of its know-how to offer additional products in the vinyl portfolio.

151 MK2
151 MK2 MusicCenter

The 111 Musiccenter is an audiophile masterpiece that sets a new standard for digital music reproduction. The technology combines a music server, CD player, CD ripper, a DAC, and an analog preamplifier for a groundbreaking variety of functions.

Imperium Motor Drive

Imperium Precision Motor Drive is based on our Reference Motor Drive and utilizes some of its most advanced control circuit design, including a simplified power supply and control functions. The Imperium enhances the musical performance and makes the experience of listening to vinyl on the RG-1 or the SG-1 closer to the original master.

Fideles Sublime
Fideles “Sublime”

The Fideles Sublime is a different animal to its brothers. This is the approach to design a high output Moving Ferrum Pipe cartridge with ALL the core features of a top-flight MC cartridge. Titanium 1100 body, a Boron cantilever and Shibata EVO stylus – features of (some) MC cartridges in the range of 7k to 15k MSRP. This in combination with super compact and light weight Ferrum pipes resulting in a cartridge with 3.5 mV output and a easy moving mass match for ALL modern tonearms

Fideles Purist
Fideles “Purist”

The Fideles Purist is a cartridge featuring a round / spherical stylus for the audiophile who wants a “no problem“ cartridge for a collection of very old records.

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