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Oladra - Antipodes
Oladra Music Server

Rediscover your favorite music like it’s the very first time. The Oladra lets you hear every little detail just right, with perfect timing and balance. It brings music to life effortlessly, capturing the true essence of how musicians sound in actual spaces. This reveals the sheer artistry of the musi- cians and the raw passion behind each recording.

Verona NEO - Vertere
Verona NEO

Introducing the new Verona NEO from Acoustic Signature: Embrace the resurgence of classic retro design with our latest turntable model. Boasting the capacity to accommodate two 12-inch tonearms, the Verona NEO delivers limitless possibilities, fulfilling the desires of passionate music enthusiasts seeking the ultimate audio experience.

Balance - Solid Tech
Balance Rack

Introducing Balance, the revolutionary rack by Solid Tech designed to preserve the integrity of your sound. Its exceptional stability, achieved through thick high-density shelves and sand-fillable corner posts, ensures minimal coloration, allowing your audio system to faithfully reproduce music with utmost precision. Experience audio purity like never before with Balance, the perfect harmony of stability and sonic transparency.

DG-1S - Vertere
DG-1S Turntable

Experience the DG-1S, a leap forward in high-resolution replay, offering enhanced dynamic contrasts and precision in stereo separation. It retains the beloved DG-1 musicality, creating a harmonious blend of innovation and musical excellence.

Studiomaster - Revox

Revox's STUDIOMASTER M500 and M300 Audio Systems cater to discerning individuals, seamlessly merging high-end stereo benefits with Multiroom solutions, presenting a harmonious convergence of excellence for the sophisticated audiophile.

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Machine Tool

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We love Vinyl, we love turntables and we have some of the best in the business. We have joined the vinyl revolution and bring to you brands like Vertere, Revox, Acoustic Signature, and Acoustical Systems.


We bring to North America the premier luxury hifi products that you deserve. From across the pond we choose only the best; from engineering teams that strive for perfection and brands that have a history of delivering the ultimate HiFi experience. We deliver only perfection and the ultimate in customer service.


We specialize in creating unique and exquisite spaces through high end furniture and our design services offering acoustic engineering. We can design an absolutely stunning living space; that is also acoustically sound. With compliments from lamps, artwork and furniture we complete the lifestyle that you desire.

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