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XtraX Cartridge Review by Mono & Stereo

by: Matej Isak
July 2, 2024
Vertere Acoustics XtraX cartridge is a cut above many of his contemporaries which with no hesitation grants it my recommendation and the 2024 Mono & Stereo Editors Choice Product Award.

Verona NEO: Force & Elegance

by: Bernhard Rietschel
June 27, 2024
In a positive sense, the Verona NEO sounds different from most other heavyweights: it forms a powerful, large-format sound foundation that even sub-chassis fans will get their money’s worth.

Accustic Arts Player IV by lite Magazin

by: Volker Frech
June 13, 2024
It conveys a sound that’s noble and pure in all facets – allowing audiophiles to embark on a sublime journey towards musical perfection.

Hi-fi+ Review of Accustic Arts Power III

by: Jason Kennedy
June 12, 2024
It makes many alternatives sound hard and thin, and has a relaxed delivery that welcomes you into its presence and lets you go down easy.

Accustic Arts AMP VI Review

by: Tom Frantzen
May 30, 2024
The Accustic Arts power ampli- fier is undoubtedly a dream amplifier, al- most surreal. In short: world class.

Verona NEO Review by Image HiFi

by: Andreas Wenderoth
April 1, 2024
The latest creation from the Swabian luxury manufacturer Acoustic Signature is called Verona NEO. It’s a mass-produced drive unit that has a completly unpretentious, classic look, doesn’t flaunt its technology and yet is a (sensitive) powerhouse that outclasses most of what our author has heard so far.

Accustic Arts Tube Preamp V Review

by: Volker Frech
March 26, 2024
The high-end manufacturer Accustic Arts presents the fifth generation of its reference preamplifier Preamp: Scoring points in the “Tube” version with its “Tube Hybrid” concept, the updated Class A amplifier is even more accurate.

Accustic Arts Player III Review

by: Volker Frech
February 28, 2024
Accustic Arts updates the noble symbiosis of tradition and modernity: The new Player III retains the audiophile CD sampling with excellent front-loader drive as well as the proven upsampling technology, but now enables the playback of HiRes files up to PCM 384 and DSD512 – and surprises in the Gold Edition with a completely fresh and elegant look.

Xtrax Review

by: HiFi Choice
February 26, 2024
This new top of the range moving-coil cartridge from Vertere has Neville Roberts seriously impressed.

Vertere Dark Sabre Review

by: Chris Kelly
February 22, 2024
A product that will encourage all open-minded audio folk to recalibrate their expectation of what a moving-magnet cartridge can do. It is going to win a lot of hearts and minds, and deservedly so.

Antipodes K50 Music Server Review

by: The Computer Audiophile
February 13, 2024
The vibe I got from everyone at the Antipodes booth was very positive. I really liked the “it’s a marathon, not a sprint” approach to product design and company growth. We parted ways with an agreement to discuss a product review in a few months.

Verona NEO Review

by: Matthias Böde
February 7, 2024
For those who prefer a more elegant look, and yet don‘t want to do without the numerous special design features of this manufacturer – which will be mentioned later –, there is the smaller Double X Neo, as well as the new Verona Neo.
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