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MG-1 MKII Turntable Review

by: Simon Wilce
December 1, 2022
I have had the privilege of listening to Vertere’s Magic Groove-1 turntable this last month. Not only that but it has also been enhanced by the Vertere Mystic Moving Coil cartridge with the Vertere Phono-1 phono stage.

Maximus NEO Product Of The Year

by: Dick Olsher
November 30, 2022
A remarkable achievement. Acoustic Signature's Maximus Neo Turntable, TA-1000 Tonearm, and MCX3 Cartridge.

Revox T700 Studiomaster Review

by: Olaf Sturm
July 8, 2021
Those who said goodbye to their turntables and their LPs years ago, or those who own an entry-level record player and have tasted blood or simply don’t want to turn the mission of buying a new turntable into a drama, will find an excellent solution in the Studiomaster T700.
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