Accustic Arts

Tube Preamp V


Price: $28,500.00USD

Price: $31,000.00USD

Introducing the ACCUSTIC ARTS® TUBE PREAMP V, an audiophile reference preamplifier embodying the innovative “tube hybrid” concept with 4 reference tubes (2 tubes per channel). Its fully balanced circuit design from input to output ensures uncompromised performance.

Experience an enhanced sonic journey with optimized sound quality through a newly designed main board. This preamplifier leverages the advantages of the “tube hybrid” technology, delivering an extensive bandwidth, minimal distortion factors, and a richly textured sound spectrum. Four separated amplification paths offer precision without interference.

Tune your sound effortlessly with “plug and play” tube swaps. Revel in its fully balanced design, coupled with a high-end Class A output stage. A color high-resolution display introduces convenience.

Components of outstanding quality, like Burr Brown® OPA 627, ensure unrivaled performance, complemented by high-quality gold-plated contacts on relays. A new 4-channel digital volume control minimizes crosstalk.

Connectivity thrives with 3 fully balanced high-level inputs (XLR) and 2 unbalanced inputs (RCA). Versatile outputs include 2 fully balanced (XLR) and 2 unbalanced (RCA) options, alongside a headphone output and phase switch. Encapsulated 50 VA toroidal core transformers offer high output reserves, ensuring refined sound.

Craftsmanship shines with a solid aluminum front panel, cover, and chromed brass knobs. Experience the pinnacle of audio artistry with the ACCUSTIC ARTS® TUBE PREAMP V, a true testament to precision, expertly “Handmade in Germany.”

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Product category: Preamplifier (stereo)
Designs: Silver, Black
Dimensions (HWD): 128 x 482 x 379 mm
Weight: 14.6 kg
Inputs (analog): 3 x line balanced (XLR)
2 x line unbalanced (cinch)
1 x unbalanced line (RCA),
configurable as “Surround bypass”
Inputs (analog): 2 x balanced (XLR),
2 x unbalanced (cinch),
1 x headphones
(stereo jack, 6.35 mm), switchable
1 x Fixed Out balanced (XLR)
1 x Fixed Out unbalanced (RCA)
Tubes used: 4 x ECC83S
– Operation: approx. 25 W
– Stand-by: <0.5 W
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