High-End & hand-made in Germany

ACCUSTIC ARTS® was introduced for the first time in 1997, following five years of development, co-operation with external developers and audio experts. Countless tests and listening sessions, material and component checks have shaped the products.

In 2009 the areas of high end manufacturer and music production were combined to launch a new audiophile label called ACCUSTIC ARTS AUDIOPHILE RECORDINGS (AAAR). AAAR is made up of Milan Sajé (sound engineer) and Rasmus Muttscheller (A&R). They have been active in the international music business for years and together are responsible for the selection of tracks and artists that are to be released by AAAR.

The synergies coming from both music production/media publishing and ACCUSTIC ARTS® manufacture can be seen in all products and allow for the implementation of music reproduction on the highest level. The success can be seen in the rising global demand year by year for ACCUSTIC ARTS® products, handmade in Germany.

Audio Equipments

reference series

Player II

CD-PlayerCD player and high-quality D/A converter in one unit.

Drive II

Audiophile reference CD transport in top-loader design.

Tube Preamp II

Audiophile reference preamplifier with a so called “tube hybrid” concept and 4 reference tubes (2 tubes per channel).

Preamp III

Audiophile fully balanced reference preamplifier.

Amp II

Dual-mono reference power amplifier with completely isolated power supply for each amplifier channel.

Amp V

Extremely powerful dual-mono high-power amplifier with completely isolated power supply for each amplifier channel.

Mono IV

Reference class mono power amplifier.

Mono V

Extremely powerful mono power amplifier; reference class.