Accustic Arts

Power II


Introducing the ACCUSTIC ARTS® POWER II, a pinnacle of audiophile integrated stereo power amplification. Boasting remarkable features, this masterpiece delivers high output performance through 12 carefully chosen Bipolar output transistors. With its encapsulated 550 VA toroidal core transformer and separate windings, the preamp and power amp sections receive premium quality treatment.

Further, the integrated switchable headphones amplifier ensures uncompromised sound quality. A robust 80,000 µF power supply capacity guarantees exceptional smoothing. A high damping factor ensures ample output reserves, while protective circuits promptly react to clipping, oscillations, and extreme conditions.

Crafted with precision, a generously sized heat sink maintains a constant low operating temperature. Flexible connectivity options abound, from balanced high-level inputs (XLR) to versatile unbalanced inputs (RCA/Chinch). Its distinct design, including gold-plated speaker terminals, stable relays, and a microprocessor-controlled volume, signifies uncompromised quality. Shielded within a full metal housing with brushed aluminum front panel and chromed brass accents, the POWER II is both a sonic and visual masterpiece.

Experience impeccable control with the ACCUSTIC ARTS® remote control RC II. Meticulously crafted in Germany, the ACCUSTIC ARTS® POWER II stands as a testament to precision, artistry, and the pursuit of sonic excellence.

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