“The Nessie Vinylcleaner, by virtue of its compact size, elegant design, and quiet operation reaches a unique pinnacle in this category making it a top choice for quick and quiet cleaning – right next to your turntable, even in the finest audiophile settings.”

Rick Becker/Enjoythemusic.com

product highlights

Nessie Vinylcleaner Basic
Deep black carbon acrylic 8mm sound insulation with label protection seal automatic drying cycle with regualted power wash timer indicates optimal duration manual liquid dosing with squirt bottle autoreverse of platter.

vinylcleaner models

Nessie Vinylcleaner PRO
in stock

Built like “Nessie Vinylcleaner Basic”

– Swiveling brush arm with premium brush
– Magnetic fixation of the drain hose
– Equipment for 7 and 10 inches optional

Nessie Vinylcleaner PROPlus+


Built as 87100 (Pro)

– Brush arm with brush and microfiber technology
– Integrated tank for cleaning fluid
– Electric dosing dump pump doses directly into the brush
-Equipment for 10 and 7 inches optional

vinylmasters models

Nessie Vinylmaster Advance


– Colored display with timer and information
– User guidance on the display in English
– Chrome plated record weight and label protection seal
– Intensive washing program with automatic replenishment
– Combines brush and microfiber technology
– Optical and acoustic completion message
– Power-controlled suction turbine 500W with end-stop
– Extremely quiet thanks to Basotect sound insulation

Nessie Vinylmaster Reference

– Machine washer both side of the record in one pass
– Magnetic support of the chromed puck
– Intensive washing “downside” with electromagnetic pressure
– Accurate liquid dosing with 2 separate pumps
– Intensive washing program with automatic replenishment
– Optical and acoustic completion message
– Power-controlled suction turbine 500W with end-stop

hannl vinylcare

HANNL Mera Professional
Record Cleaning Machine


– Deep black 10mm – carbonacryl with chrome elements
– Round brush technology
– Plate speed, suction power and dosing quantity adjustable
– Automatic washing for large collections
– CNC milled turntable made of solid metal
– Fine adjustment of the round brush
– Tank interior lighting


DRAABE Analogue Audio Technologies is a family-owned company located in the city of Hamburg. The company has its roots in a long family tradition of apparatus construction.

With “Nessie Vinylmaster®”, DRAABE Analogue Audio Technologies offers a high-grade record-cleaning machine that is distinguished by its appealing design, user friendliness and high operational safety, just to name some of its features.