Nessie Vinylmaster Reference


The NESSIE Vinylmaster Reference washes and dries records on both sides in one operation. The difference to the NESSIE Vinylmaster Advance is that you don’t have to turn the record over to clean the second side. Four mi- crofibre pads clean the record intensively and gently. The interactive display of the machine guarantees the simplest operation. Proven, durable motors and a powerful automatic suction system ensure the best possible washing result.


CE proved and certificated Yes
Dimensions 400 x 330 x 235 mm
Weight 24 lbs
Power supply 115V to 230V
Power vacuum 500 W max.
Agent tank 450 ml
Waste water tank 625 ml


‣ Machine washer both side of the record in one pass
‣ Magnetic support of the chromed puck
‣ Intensive washing “downside” with electromagnetic pressure
‣ Accurate liquid dosing with 2 separate pumps
‣ Intensive washing program with automatic replenishment
‣ Optical and acoustic completion message
‣ Power-controlled suction turbine 500W with end-stop

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