Nessie Vinylmaster Advance


The NESSIE Vinylmaster Advance is based 100% on the top model NESSIE Vinylmaster which is our bestseller since 10 years. The difference is the new electronic with a coloured display, that guides you through the whole washing process. The NESSIE Vinylmaster Advance combines innovative microfiber with classic brush cleaning. The interactive display of the machine guarantees easy operation. Proven long-life motors and a powerful automatic suction system ensure the best possible washing result.


CE proved and certificated Yes
Dimensions 400 x 330 x 170 mm
Weight 19 lbs
Power supply 115V-230V / 50 Hz oder 60 Hz.
Power vacuum 500 W max.
Agent tank 450 ml
Waste water tank 500 ml


‣ Colored display with timer and information
‣ User guidance on the display in English
‣ Chrome plated record weight and label protection seal
‣ Intensive washing program with automatic replenishment
‣ Combines brush and microfiber technology
‣ Optical and acoustic completion message
‣ Power-controlled suction turbine 500W with end-stop
‣ Extremely quiet thanks to Basotect sound insulation

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