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TA-10000 NEO


Introducing our groundbreaking design, the TA-10000 NEO represents a pinnacle of innovation. Utilizing ultra-precise, bespoke bearings treated with DLC for unparalleled durability and reducing friction by over 50% compared to other high-class bearings on the market. Our DLC bearings set the standard for precision, low friction, and innovative vibration absorption. Every aspect meticulously considered, resolving the age-old conflict between stiffness and lightness in movement.

Additionally, our novel approach to on-the-fly height adjustment (VTA) ensures that the superb sonic qualities of the TA-10000 NEO remain unaffected by convenience features, sidestepping any negative impacts typically associated with movement construction.

Suggested Tonearm Upgrade:

TA-9000 NEO



  • Tonearm with exten­sively damped multi-struc­ture alumi­num armtube
  • Available as 9″ and 12″ version
  • Perfect tracking results due to friction­less, pre-tensioned high-precision ball bearings DLC covered
  • Better rigidity and smooth opera­tion due to a new NEO stainless steel tonearm axis design
  • Internal high-purity silver wiring (4N)
  • Supplied with external Atlas Equator 5-pin phono cable (1.5 m, RCA or XLR)
  • VTA adjustment on the fly possible
  • Counter­weight made of brass with extra fine adjust­ment and clamping
  • Optional headshell made of titanium
  • Adjustable azimuth, with gearbox direct behind the headshell
  • SME-type mounting versions
  • Anti-skating adjust­ment by tension
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