Reference Tonearm Gen III


Unveiled in 2014, the Vertere Reference Tonearm has consistently set the gold standard, acting as the blueprint for all subsequent Vertere reference offerings. Each element of this tonearm has been purposefully created to transcend the limitations of existing designs. Every nuance is thoughtfully engineered, culminating in collective excellence. This enhancement results in a level of performance defined by live music’s resolution, clarity, dynamics, timing, and raw potency. The third-generation iteration introduces added flexibility, user-friendliness for fine-tuning, and naturally, elevated performance benchmarks.


  • Counterweight Sleeve & Tungsten Carbide Weight Insert
  • Illumination LED Power Supply
  • Illuminated Anti‐skate Dial Plate
  • Horizontal Motion Bearing Assembly & Pillar Sleeve
  • Titanium Head-Shell And Arm Tube


Type Pivoted
Effective Length 240mm Horizontal
263mm Vertical
Overhang 17.5mm
Offset Angle 22.9°
Head-Shell Titanium
Arm Tube Titanium
Bearing Yoke Structure Aluminium Body
Bearing Type Non-Rotating microns-thick Kevlar threads
Counter Weight Stainless / Tungsten Carbide
Articulated x3 Ball Races
Internal Wiring Special Hand-Built Pulse
Signal & LED Power Wiring
x3 Thickness Gold Plated Contacts
Connector Proprietary Cartridge & Cable Connectors
x3 Thickness Gold Plated Contacts
Vertere 7-Way Tonearm Connector
Tonearm Cable Special Pulse-HB Hand-built
x3 Thickness Gold Plated Contacts
Vertere HB Reference 23.95ct Gold/5 micron+
Queuing Light Power Supply Battery Powered
Standard Counterweight (x1) 142g
Standard C/W Disc (x6) Each 7.6g
Special Counterweight (x1) 83g
Tungsten Carbide C/W Insert (x1) 114g
Special C/W Disc (x4) Each 7.6g
Overall Weight (With Std C/W & x4 Discs) Approx. 590g
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