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TA-500 NEO


The TA-500 NEO tonearm transcends the notion of entry-level with its exceptional quality and precision engineering. Designed to elevate the performance of any turntable it graces, it embodies superior craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Its innovative features and robust construction ensure unparalleled audio fidelity, making it a cornerstone for audiophiles who demand nothing short of excellence. The TA-500 NEO sets a new standard, redefining what an entry-level tonearm can achieve in terms of sonic clarity and musical immersion.

Suggested Tonearm Upgrade:

TA-9000 NEO



  • 9 inch tonearm with dual-layer carbon armtube
  • Low resonance, rigid tube design
  • Excellent tracking results due to precision miniature ball bearings
  • Better rigidity and smooth operation due to stainless steel tonearm axis design
  • Internal studio-quality copper wiring by Mogami
  • Supplied with external Audioquest 5-pin copper phono cable (RCA)
  • Counterweight made of brass
  • Adjustable VTA
  • Anti-skating weight
  • Rega-type mounting version
  • 5-year warranty with registration


Available sizes: 9″ version
Length: 293 mm
Effective length: 239.3 mm
Mounting distance
(from pivot to center of platter):
222 mm
Total weight: 349 g
Effective mass: 10 g
Tilt angle
(depends on cartridge):
Overhang: 17.3 mm
Cartridge balance range: 6 to 16 g
Mounting: Rega style,
SME style upgrade option at additional charge
Armtube: Dual-layer carbon
Signal cable material: Copper wiring by Mogami
Phono cable: Phono cable by Audioquest
Connectors: 5-pin to RCA/ground connector
Finishes: Silver (anodized)
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