Acoustic Signature

Double X NEO (Deck Only)


The sophisticated aesthetics of the DOUBLE X NEO have garnered widespread admiration within the global community of analog enthusiasts. It has consistently epitomized the seamless fusion of contemporary technology and timeless design. Continuing this legacy, the DOUBLE X NEO from ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE not only upholds these values but elevates them to sonic realms previously uncharted by any high-mass turntable within its price category.

Suggested Tonearm Upgrade:

TA-2000 NEO


9″ – $3,695.00USD
12″ – $3,995.00USD


  • Table weight: 53 lbs
  • Platter weight: 22.7 lbs
  • Quiet AC-motor with external, super stable multi-voltage power supply
  • Integrated digital motor controller
  • Innovative AVC-system level 1 (Anti-Vibration Control)
  • Ultraprecise, extremely rigid and robust DTD®-bearing with diamond-coated spindle (Dura Turn Diamond® Bearing)
  • Exclusive silencer tech­nology with 8 silencer modules for platter vibration reduction
  • CLD technology (Cons­traint Layer Dam­ping) for impro­ved reso­na­nce behavior
  • CLD technology (Cons­traint Layer Dam­ping) for impro­ved reso­na­nce behavior
  • Optimized multi-sandwich chassis for higher rigidity and better acoustic properties
  • Finish in piano black oder piano black with glossy Makassar top surface
  • 3-point setup with special gel-damped feet
  • 15-year warranty (with registration)


AC-motors 1 (integrated)
Drive system RPM-regulated belt drive with speed fine adjustment
AVC Level 1
Speed range 33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM
Power adapter External digital motor controller DMC-20 with super stable power supply (100 V – 260 V AC, 50 / 60Hz.) (WxDxH: 24 x 22 x 6cm; 6 lbs)
Control panel Integrated
Bearing High-precision Dura Turn Diamond® bearing
Tone arm compati­bility 9 inch
Maximum number of tone arms 1
Platter Aluminum anodized Ø12″ x 2″ / 24 lbs), with Silen­cer modules
Silencer 8
Chassis Massive 3″ sandwich chassis made of MDF, steel & plywood
Feet 3 height-adjustable gel-damped aluminum feet
Dimen­sions (WxDxH) 17″ x 13″ x 6″
Weight 53 lbs
Finishes Platter: Aluminum (anodized)
Chassis: Piano black or piano black with glossy Makassar top surface, silver (anodized) or bi-color
Silencer: Polished brass, optional: 24 carat gold-plated or polished chrome
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