MG-1 Review by ear Hi-Fi Music Gear

If you have the requisite funds, and are in the market for a new vinyl replay system, I would
insist that you put this Vertere set up at the top of your list to audition. It sounds amazing, is built
to the highest standards and should give you many years of musical joy.

Vertere DG-1S Turntables

We’re always on the lookout for letting you know about great, current turntable options at various price levels, more often than not with an eye toward what we consider to be relatively affordable these days..

Machine Tool

This record player makes the hearts of mechanical engineers, precision mechanics and analogue freaks smile. Here‘s a little story about unpacking, setting up, listening and marvelling.

In The Groove Vol. 1

We’re delighted to welcome you to our new bi-annual ‘In The Groove’ magazine. We endeavour to provide some insight into Vertere, why and how we do things and the most interesting recent happenings.

Visiting Acoustic Signature

With perfect weather replacing the previous day’s rain, we drove for a couple of hours past rolling hills and fields of bright yellow rapeseed flowers until we arrived in the small town of Süssen, home of Acoustic Signature turntables.

Invictus Neo And TA-9000 Neo Review

THERE’S THAT WORD AGAIN—“NEW.” Probably the most overworked adjective in high-end audio and merchandizing in general, you see it everywhere and constantly—in advertisements, in manufacturer copy, in showroom banners (and salesmen’s mouths), and, God knows, in equipment reviews (including this one).

Montana Neo Review (Chinese Text)

The Montana NEO combination broadcasts multiple opposing elements accurately at the same time, and there is no need to choose one or the other, which is an expression of quality.

Maximus NEO Review By Analog Planet

It’s a well-built machine that’s dead-quiet, fast off the mark, super-resolving, and uber-lively. In short, it’s a maximally great turntable well worth checking out. Gut gemacht!

MG-1 MKII Turntable Review

I have had the privilege of listening to Vertere’s Magic Groove-1 turntable this last month. Not only that but it has also been enhanced by the Vertere Mystic Moving Coil cartridge with the Vertere Phono-1 phono stage.

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