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Tango Reference NEO


Handling the delicate phono signal poses a significant challenge for amplifier designers, but the Tango Reference NEO rises to meet it with innovative features. Its new resonance-optimized and anti-magnetic chassis, crafted from solid aluminum block, provides a robust foundation for signal processing. The phono amplifier boasts an oversized power supply with a toroidal transformer, situated on a separate board to ensure stable current flow. Both assemblies are mounted on a specialized shielding steel plate, preventing any interference with the phono signal.

Each component of the Tango Reference NEO is meticulously chosen for its quality, contributing to its exceptional performance. Its semi-active RIAA equalization delivers precise values, with deviations from the ideal curve kept under 0.1 dB. Furthermore, a sophisticated single-ended output stage operating in Class A ensures minimal distortion and extremely low hum and noise levels. The Tango Reference NEO serves as an ideal platform for high-resolution audio, offering captivating 3D imaging and immersive musicality that elevates the phono signal to new heights.

Suggested Tonearm Upgrade:

TA-9000 NEO



  • Phono preamp­lifier for MC, MI & MM cartridges
  • Resonance-optimi­zed and anti­magnetic aluminum chassis
  • Super precise RIAA and extremely low distor­tion due to high quality compo­nents and single-ended output stage (Class A)
  • Extremely low hum & noise due to very short signal paths
  • Over-dimen­sioned power supply
  • Subsonic filter against low-frequency inter­ferences
  • 4 selectable gain steps
  • Adjus­table load impedance
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