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Tango Apex NEO


The Tango Apex NEO sets a new standard as a balanced phono preamp featuring a strictly double mono construction. Each channel is equipped with its own additional housing, dedicated power supply, and phono amp, ensuring optimal performance and separation. Moreover, every aspect of the Tango Apex NEO is conveniently remote-controlled, offering seamless operation and versatility.

Suggested Tonearm Upgrade:

TA-9000 NEO




  • 3 inputs: 1 x balan­ced XLR and 2 x unba­lan­ced RCA
  • All signal switching is carried out with ultra high-quality miniature signal relays
  • Adjustable gain for each input (indivi­dually adjus­table): 40 dB, 50 dB, 60 dB and 70 dB
  • Input impe­dance indivi­dually adjus­table for each input: 47, 100 , 220 , 470 , 1 k, 47 k and all values resulting from parallel connection.
  • Input capa­citance: basic capa­citance approx. <=100  pF, switch­able capaci­tances for unba­lanced inputs: 100 pF and 220 pF; Two capaci­tances can be switched on, resul­ting in three values (C1, C2, C1+C2)
  • Subsonic filter: -24 dB. Ope­rating frequency 20 Hz
  • 2 outputs: 1 x XLR and 1 x RCA, maxi­mum output voltage 8.5 V RMS switch­able as fixed output or as adjus­table output (volume control in 100 steps)
  • Built-in head­phone amplifier: maxi­mum output voltage 8.5 V RMS
  • Power supply unit: separate shunt power supply with 25 VA per channel and one sepa­rate power supply with 25 VA for the micro­pro­cessor control. Digital control galva­nically isola­ted from the analog power supply.
  • S/N: e.g. -73 dB at 60 dB ampli­fication
  • Frequency response: +-0.13 dB RIAA equa­lized
  • Distortion factor: 0.06 %
  • Crosstalk attenua­tion: better -90 dB due to double mono design
  • Weight: 34 kg
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