Super Groove Precision


Crafting a mesmerizing musical spectacle, the Vertere SG-PTA HB employs an amalgam of premium materials, including roll-wrapped carbon-fibre, stainless steel, brass, aluminum alloys, and silicon nitride. Its distinct bearing configuration and adaptable anti-skate mechanism render it a perfect match for top-tier cartridges and turntables, ensuring a harmonious synergy for the utmost quality in musical playback.


Super Groove Precision Tonearm HB $2,995.00USD
Super Groove Precision Tonearm (Standard) $2,995.00USD



  • SG-TPA HB Tonearm Bearing
  • SG-PTA HB Tonearm Tube & Head-Shell
  • Aluminum Bearing Yoke And Brass Pillar
  • Bearing Transit Screw & Counter Weight Locator
  • Arm/Cartridge Resonance Frequency & Fine Tracking Weight Adjustment
  • SG-PTA HB Tonearm Main Counterweight
  • SG-PTA HB Tonearm Pillar Holder And Clamp
  • Internal Wiring & Contact Connectors


Type Tri Point Articulated
Effective Length 240mm
Overhang 17.5mm
Offset Angle 22.9°
Head-Shell Aluminium Alloy
Arm Tube Wrapped Carbon Fibre
Bearing Yoke Structure Aluminium Body
Bearing Type Captive silicon Nitride Ball (x3) Precision
Counter Weight Mirror Chromed Brass
Stainless Steel T/W Adj. Sleeve
Internal Wiring Vertere Pulse Wiring
Connector Proprietary Cartridge Tags & 5-Pin
x3 Thickness Gold Plated Contacts
Tonearm Cable Optional: PULSE HB, veRum or Redline
Weight 428g
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