StudioMaster TA-700


The STUDIOMASTER T700 stands as a distinguished high-end turntable, uniquely equipped with an integrated MC phono preamplifier. This integration ensures an optimal and minimal connection path between the cartridge and preamp, resulting in unparalleled signal integrity.

In pursuit of supreme sound quality, impeccable speed precision is imperative. The T700 employs an exceptionally accurate electronic PLL speed control system, relying on a contactless optical sensor for its operation.

Crafted from premium metals, the tonearm features a carbon fiber tube and tightly twisted tonearm wire soldered directly to the preamplifier input. The Ortofon Quintet Bronze MC pickup, pre-installed, further enriches the audio experience.

Operational ease is achieved through backlit touch sensors on the glass plate, rendering the turntable remarkably user-friendly and intuitive.

The platter, composed of black POM (polyoxymethylene), obviates the need for an additional platter. A robust acrylic glass cover, included, safeguards the turntable and can be easily detached.


Black Edition – $29,995.00USD
The BLACK EDITION is exclusively equipped with the high-quality MC cartridge Ortofon Quintet Black S.

Regular T-700 – $27,995.00USD

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