RG-1 Reference Groove


Elevate into the realm of live music encounters through the RG-1 Reference Groove turntable, Vertere’s pinnacle model and a premier selection in the global high-end turntable arena. The RG-1 Reference Groove epitomizes Vertere’s unparalleled mastery in quality audio engineering, luxury hi-fi systems, and turntables. Unleashed without concessions, each RG-1 element is meticulously tailored and uniquely crafted, leveraging optimal materials and the pinnacle of precision standards. This marks a synthesis of Vertere’s commitment to uncompromised design excellence and an unparalleled auditory journey that mirrors live music immersion.


Clear – $39,995.00USD

Special Metallic Black, Pearlescent White, Champagne – $42,995.00USD

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