Rev Stylus 01


Presenting REV-STYLUS 01, the pinnacle of stylus cleaners hailing from Japan. Since its 2023 debut under TAKTLINK by TAKTSTOCK CO.,LTD., it swiftly amassed over 500 sales in just three months, now available in six countries. Its revolutionary design incorporates three water-based cleaning agents, meticulously balanced to optimize sound quality. Following exhaustive tests of 83 formulations, the ideal blend emerged, ensuring unparalleled cleaning efficacy and audio enhancement. Moreover, equipped with a unique continuous bubble urethane sheet, stubborn stains vanish effortlessly with a single stroke, rendering tedious loupe inspections unnecessary.


Rev Stylus 01 1-5 : $139.00USD
Rev Stylus 01 6-10 : $129.00USD
Rev Stylus 01 10+ : $109.00USD


– Model Number: REV-STYLUS 01
– Type: Stylus cleaner
– Contents: REV-STYLUS 01 (10ml / approximately 60 – 70 doses), CLEANING BLOCK×1

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