Solid Tech

Rack of Silence

The Rack of Silence is an expertly engineered, versatile audio equipment support system that ensures minimal resonance and vibration. Almost fully preassembled for easy setup, its innovative design delivers unmatched stability for your gear, guaranteeing premium sound quality with minimal interference. Suitable for audiophiles and sound engineers alike, it’s an essential addition to any setup. Made from extruded aluminum, the Apparatus Support is coated with acrylic glass inside and out, insulated from wooden struts with cork-lined undersides, providing a scratch-resistant and resonance-free surface. The Turntable Top Shelf, supported by Solid Tech isolator Discs of Silence, features a special acoustic damping sandwich board. The Rack of Silence Reference Line integrates the revolutionary Feet of Silence isolators for advanced vertical and horizontal decoupling. Available in black or silver anodized aluminum, various wood trims, colors, and sizes.

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