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The Palladian cartridge embodies the true essence of music, evident in its design and performance. With a principle of Moving Coil, it presents an output voltage of 0.33mV at 5cm/sec. Its static needles measure 16-18mm/N at 18°C to 30°C, ensuring precision. The recommended tracking force lies between 17-18mN, optimizing the experience. A channel equalization of 0.35dB at 1kHz contributes to its balanced audio output, while a channel separation of 32dB enhances sound clarity. The frequency response spans from 15Hz to 32kHz ± 2dB, capturing a wide spectrum. Fitted with a Q4 Shibata EVO needle grinding, the Palladian maintains a low internal resistance of 5Ω. Recommended terminating resistor ranges between 100-200Ω, tailoring its performance. Its mass of 11.8g assures stability and accuracy.


Type Moving Coil
Output Voltage 0.33mV at 5cm/sec
Static Needles 16-18mm/N at 18°C to 30°C
Recommended Holding Force 17-18mN
Channel Equalization 0.35dB at 1kHz
Channel Separation 32dB
Frequency Response 15Hz to 32kHz ± 2dB
Stylus Q4 Shibata EVO
Internal Resistance
Recommended Terminating Resistor 100-200Ω
Weight 11.8g
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