Nessie Vinylcleaner Pro


The record washing machine “Nessie Vinylcleaner PRO” is based on the model “Nessie Vinylcleaner Basic”. In the heart beats a lot of technology from its big brother, the “Nessie Vinylmaster”.


CE proved and certificated Yes
Dimensions 400 x 330 x 170 mm
Weight 19 lbs
Power supply 115V-230V / 50 Hz oder 60 Hz.
Power vacuum 500 W max.
Agent tank 450 ml
Waste water tank 500 ml


‣ Colored display with timer and information
‣ User guidance on the display in English
‣ Chrome plated record weight and label protection seal
‣ Intensive washing program with automatic replenishment
‣ Combines brush and microfiber technology
‣ Optical and acoustic completion message
‣ Power-controlled suction turbine 500W with end-stop
‣ Extremely quiet thanks to Basotect sound insulation

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