Crafted to unparalleled standards, the Vertere Mystic Moving Coil Phono Cartridge promises an unyielding musical journey. Carved from solid Aluminum alloy, its body’s mass is tailored to the generator, expertly damping unwanted mechanical vibrations. Two supplied stainless steel thumb screws facilitate accurate coupling to the tonearm head-shell. The Mystic cartridge features three precision-machined contact points atop, offering optimal mechanical linkage. Additionally, a front top alignment ridge aids Mystic’s mounting on Vertere tonearms. The generator wields a Samarium-Cobalt magnet and a pure copper wire Cross coil. Its aluminum tube cantilever supports a Micro Elliptical diamond stylus for flawless tracking and wide frequency response (below 10Hz to 40kHz) with an output of 0.5mV, delivering lifelike dynamic range, depth, and precision.

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