Acoustic Signature

Invictus NEO (Deck Only)


Presenting the Invictus NEO. The name “Invictus,” synonymous with “unconquerable,” perfectly encapsulates this turntable. Emerging as the epitome of design, it grants no compromises, unwaveringly striving for unparalleled musical prowess, meticulous artistry, and captivating elegance.

The Invictus NEO boasts dimensions of 690 x 690 x 340 mm and a weight of 135 kg. Its innovative drive system comprises 6 AC-motors, employing a belt drive with meticulous speed fine-tuning and an AVC-system level 3. The turntable operates across a versatile speed range of 33 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM, with an optional 78 RPM setting. The power adapter functions externally, adapting to power supplies ranging from 100 V to 260 V AC. Its core features include the high-precision Dura Turn Diamond® Bearing, an imposing aluminum chassis supported by specialized damping feet, and an oversized anodized aluminum sandwich platter equipped with inner and outer Silencers for optimal resonance control. The tone arm base accommodates custom mounting boards for 9- to 12-inch tone arms, while color options encompass anodized black, silver, or a luxurious gold choice.

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