Acoustical Systems



Price: $1,999.00USD

Meet the “Sublime,” a pinnacle in MFP-principle evolution featuring a state-of-the-art Boron cantilever adorned with a Shibata stylus. This marvel offers an exceptional moving coil experience, seamlessly blending transparency and detail with a warmth and body that’s second to none. Generating a medium-high output of 4.0 mV, it gracefully adapts to any phono stage. With its innovative design, the “Sublime” redefines sonic authenticity, inviting you to rediscover your music collection with unprecedented clarity and emotion.

Price: $899.00USD

Introducing the Fideles Purist cartridge, tailored for audiophiles with a passion for vintage records. Its round, spherical stylus showcases a “relaxed” yet detailed and lively sound, rendering scratched and worn grooves enjoyable. Resembling the virtues of an old Ortofon SPU, it obviates the need for step-up SUT or vintage tonearms. This “no-brainer” choice tracks vintage records optimally, requiring no alignment adjustments. A budget-friendly universal cartridge, it promises exceptional sound on diverse records, including worn ones, and is compatible with any tonearm. Experience easy resonance matching and gain compatibility, bringing vintage records to life without compromise.

Price: $899.00USD

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