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Drive IV


Presenting the DRIVE IV: a pinnacle CD transport delivering uncompromising quality. Employing the top-loader principle, it’s designed exclusively for CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs.

At its core lies the high-end CD module CD-Pro8, sporting a solid diecast metal chassis for exceptional stability and damping characteristics. The DRIVE IV prioritizes a perfect power supply, featuring two high-quality, magnetically shielded transformers for pristine voltage feed. Individual power units for various components prevent signal interference.

Every component is meticulously chosen, matched, and finely tuned for perfection. The housing boasts solid aluminum plates and chrome-plated brass parts for both tactile pleasure and stability. The laser’s integrity is preserved by a light-absorbing painted interior and a magnetic puck for precise CD positioning.

Operational simplicity defines the DRIVE IV, making it a refreshing choice in a world of overloaded devices. The user-friendly remote control complements its ease of use.

Combined with other ACCUSTIC ARTS® components, the DRIVE IV produces the ultimate sound experience, ushering in an unmatched auditory journey, all crafted “Handmade in Germany.”


  • Audiophile reference CD transport in top-loader design
  • High-Class CD mechanism (CD-Pro8) with heavy die-cast metal frame and involved mechanical decoupling, embedded in a massive aluminium housing (subchassis construction principle)
  • 2 generously dimensioned and magnetically shielded toroidal core transformers of premium quality (“Made in Germany”)
  • CD positioning in drive using exceptionally precise clamper, whereby the integrated magnet inside the clamper guarantees ideal pressing and smooth running
  • Extremely fine digital output stage with the following features:
    – separate transformer
    – separate extra large power supply unit with voltage stabilisation
    – output stage with extremely low jitter
  • All used components and parts are selected and of highest quality
  • Extremely stable, massive and resonance optimized housing, primarily made of 10 mm thick aluminium plates, ultra stable and acoustically damped top load cover; all chromed parts are made of massive brass
  • 2 premium quality rotary switches (“Made in Germany”) with gold-plated silver contacts
  • ACCUSTIC ARTS® standard remote control
  • ACCUSTIC ARTS® DRIVE IV is guaranteed “Handmade in Germany”


Playable formats: CD, CD-R, CD-RW
Digital outputs: 1 x S/P-DIF; coaxial
CD data format: WAV
Dimensions (H x W x D) 340 x 470 x 440 mm / 13.4 x 18.5 x 17.3 inches
Weight: approx. 42 kg / 93 lbs
+ 12 kg / 27 lbs flight case
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