B100 Subwoofer


Enhancing your audio world, the STUDIO ART Subwoofer B100 pairs seamlessly with A100 and P100 for truly awe-inspiring bass performance. Leveraging innovative chassis and the downfire principle, it employs the ground as a radiation field and dual port housing for precise bass replication. Notably, phase regulation and bass intensity adjustment occur via the Revox App on your smartphone, tailored to your listening position. Versatility shines as the B100 is universally compatible with other Revox music systems. Prominent features encompass impressive, accurate bass, genuine studio sound quality, innovative downfire chassis, and wireless connectivity with StudioArt speakers. Furthermore, it harmoniously integrates into the multiroom system and effortlessly interfaces through the Revox App.


  • Impressive and Precise Bass Reproduction
  • True Studio Sound Quality
  • Innovative Chassis and Downfire Principle (Floor as Radiation Field)
  • Wireless Radio Connection (Kleernet Tm ) to Other Studioart Loudspeakers
  • Possible Use in the Multiroom System
  • Simple Operation via the Revox App
  • Use With Other Revox Speakers


Dimensions weight (kg): 11.8
depth (mm): 300
height (mm): 410
width (mm): 300
Efficiency 100 dB/1m/1W
Sources KleerNet, Analog In , radio receiver
Power supply power connection
Frequency range 35 – 200 Hz
Performance 230 W / 150 W
Input/output 1 x USB (service), Wireless connection (KleerNet) to other STUDIOART speakers, 1 x power socket, 2 x analogue in (cinch)
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