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The Archon© delivers a sonic portrayal that is vividly live and captivating in its expansive openness, offering vibrant detail and a lush harmonic framework. The sound is remarkably natural and vibrant, excelling in human voice reproduction and lifelike timbre. Unveiling a broad soundstage, it faithfully recreates the recording environment, complete with organic positioning and wide dynamic range. Crafted from a solid block of ultra-strong Timet 1100, a unique uni-body design houses the Archon©. Internal liquid damping enhances energy transfer, preserving even the finest nuances, enriching the sonic landscape with seldom-heard harmonics and subtle ambience.


Output 0.5 mV
Coils Silver
Chassis Ultra-rigid special dampened titanium “Timet 1100”
Static Compliance 17-19 mm/N (18°C to 30°C)
Tracking Force Range 16 to 20 mN
Recommended Tracking Force 18 mN
Channel Balance Better than 0.5 dB / at 1 kHz
Channel Separation 28 dB
Frequency Response 15 Hz to 32 kHz +/- 2 dB
Stylus Shibata EVO
Internal Resistance 8 Ohms
Load Resistance 40-1000 Ohms
Cantilever C37-coated tempered aluminum
Weight 11.5 grams
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