Yana Imaginative Audio Video Open House with Artnovion and Burmester

When it comes to high-end audio, one of the biggest factors in your stereo system might not be the system itself. It might not even be the quality of sound. When it comes to acoustics, one of the biggest factors is the wife factor! Putting panels on walls is no longer just speakers and some equipment on a rack, it’s fully decorating the room and if your wife is anything like mine, she wants full control of decorations of the house.

So when couple after couple came into Yana’s open house and the women were consistently wowed by Artnovions Acoustic Panels, I knew our designs were successful! The combination of Art and Innovation is what Artnovion is about. Combining excellent acoustics with beautiful panels that every wife would love to have in their home is the key to Artnovions success.

Artnovion Expands to West Vancouver

With Yana taking on the brand; Artnovion expands to one of the best stores in Vancouver! Now you can see the beautiful wall of Alps above in their store and the effect it has on sound.  The Alps, is designed as the centerpiece of their store and as you walk in, it’s the first thing you notice!

Each Alps, is made of solid wood and weighs over 45 pounds! Their job, in this case, is to keep sound within the room but dispersing it within the room so you don’t get such hard reflections from the back wall. Its other function is its ability to be a conversation starter!

In this design, we used a combination of white and black and we added in some custom colors to match with the next design we did! Alps, comes in a variety of finishes of gloss and natural wood. Custom colors can be accommodated for a slightly extra price!

A different kind of Acoustic Panel!

The Azores line is designed to allow designers unlimited possibilities! No longer are we constrained to the standard 2×2 panels you can now utilize a various amount of shapes to create designs you want. Each panel can be connected to each other to give a wall a seamless look; in this case, triangles.

These triangles are 60-degree triangles and we have connected them in rows of 3. Utilizing connectors on the back of the panels we can make them one continuous panel. With FixArt Tubes you can then adjust the panels, up and down or left and right to ensure each row is aligned perfectly.

Artnovions Sahara’s Hybrid Panels

The Sahara Acoustic panels are some of the most beautiful acoustic panels out there! A good acoustic treatment lies in the correct ratio between absorption and diffusion. Sahara can regulate both, allowing for a more design friendly space by utilizing the minimal amount of different panels within your space. A new panel similar to the Sahara but uniform has come out recently the Kalahari!

If you are interested in learning more about Artnovion in Vancouver give Yana a call today and visit their website!

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