Vertere launches couple new lines of hand-built cables

Pulse-HB Line of Cables

Since 2006, with the introduction of its original Hand-Built Pulse, Vertere has continued to demonstrate conclusively that for almost any system the weakest link is the connecting cables. Vertere is continuing their legacy with the release of the Pulse HB absolute reference line, Pulse X speaker cables, and the pulse-X mini performance speaker cable.

As far as price range goes, Vertere doesn’t shy away from admitting their products reach the higher end of the spectrum. People often ask why they should invest so much in a cable when they can get chi-fi (Chinese fidelity) alternatives at a fraction of the price. Well, here’s an excerpt of Vertere’s justification. Download the PDF brochure below for more rationale.

Why invest in Vertere Pulse Cables?

A Vertere Pulse hand-built cable is designed to preserve the analog signal from source to amplifier by applying specific attention to electromagnetic wave transmission.

It is important to understand that any wave requires a medium to travel through, but the medium itself never travels. Imagine a crowd doing the wave in a stadium, you can observe the wave moving but no one moves around the stadium. The same goes for sound coming from a loudspeaker; you can hear the sound but it is not blowing air towards you. However, with no air as a medium, like in the vacuum of space, there will be no sound heard as there will be no medium for the wave to be transmitted.

In the case of an electromagnetic wave such as an AC audio signal, the conductor is the medium. The physical nature and ‘architecture’ of any medium will influence its ability to transmit waves of varied amplitude and frequency in different ways. Thus it is critical that a wave of infinite frequencies and amplitudes and with substantial instantaneous dynamic range, such as an audio signal, is given a robust medium capable of handling such properties.

Any electrically conductive material will provide a path for the audio signal wave to travel and appear at the other end. However, the precision of what appears at the other end relative to the source will seriously be affected by the nature of the conductor.

To ensure absolute integrity of signal wave transmission, the Vertere Pulse-HB absolute reference line of cables utilizes various bespoke conductor designs to provide unsurpassed performance at all levels. Pulse-HB’s proprietary conductors are all constructed from scratch using high purity copper with silver or tin plating as required. These bare conductors, some of which are a fraction of the thickness of human hair, are then made into the individual insulated internal conductors. Finally, the internal conductors are all combined with a unique configuration and twist, shield wrapped, shield braided and coated with a special outer covering.

Pulse-HB tonearm and interconnect cables are meticulously hand assembled to the exacting standards of the original masters and put through several QC checks and final listening tests. The result is a cable that maintains utmost purity while transmitting remarkably dynamic audio waves.