Our Vancouver HiFi showroom’s evolution

Most distributors are just that, distributors. Not us! We believe in leading by example. A great website, great social media, great marketing and of course a great showroom. Our showroom is continually evolving as we pick up new brands or just want to try something new so we move it around a little. Our showroom consists of a minimum of four working systems at any given time. We have turntables from Thorens, Vertere, Scheu Analog and Roksan either already in a system or available to demo. Electronics and speakers are a little harder to hold on to as many of our dealers request demo units for their showrooms and they are constantly rotating around North America.

This year one of our major additions was Artnovion, an acoustical panel company out of Portugal. With Artnovion we drastically changed the entire showroom. Not just by looks but by the sound too! Previously our space was empty of acoustical panels and in the pictures, you will see that we have windows, concrete, and tile for a majority of our infrastructure. Not the best for sound. Now, however, we have improved the space of our showroom by looks and sound!

A trip in time in our Vancouver Showroom!

Below we will take you through all our system set-ups that we have done over the past year. Starting in January of 2016 all the way up to December. There is at least one or two that I may have missed taking photographs of throughout the year, but all together I believe I have most of them here.

The Burmester Wood System

Burmester HiFi Audio System in Vancouver
System Components: B20 Speakers, B10 Bookshelf Speakers, 089 CD Player, 032 Amplifier, a 948 Power Conditioner all sitting on a Burmester rack.
Set-up: Jan 2016

Way back in January of 2016 we set this system up, it feels like it wasn’t that long ago but man a year now this system has been on the floor. This one is still there because we love it so much, the classic wood look just makes it a benchmark of the beauty that is possible in High-End Audio. The bookshelf speakers were just recently sold but now the Burmester B20s are the sole owner of this system. The system components have switched every now and then and turntables were added for demo purposes but the CD Player and Amp have stayed true to this system the entire year!

Plinius driving B100s

Burmester, Plinius, Scheu Analog Turntable and Thorens Turntable
System Components: B100 Speakers, Thorens TD 350(left), Scheu Analog Das Laufwerk(Right), Plinius Electronics on a Burmester Rack
Set-up: Feb 2016

This system doesn’t always include acoustics. We set this up in February and as we did not have a lot of demo panels yet we had a few mobile walls that we moved around for listening sessions. These B100s are one of the last speakers signed by Dieter Burmester himself. They are more an art piece now then they are for sale. This system, while it lasted, was one of my favorite systems to listen too. I loved switching between the two turntables, Thorens and Scheu Analog, and driving those big B100s with the Plinius Amp. This system, unfortunately is completely separated now as many of the components have been sold and that space is now our boardroom.



The Mobile Roksan system

System: Not Seen K2 Speakers, Roksan Oxygene Amplifier, K3 CD Player

Roksan moved around quite a bit through different systems and layouts. This one was more of a display piece but we had it hooked up to our K2 Bookshelf Speakers. The Oxygene Amp is decorated with artwork, which you can get one as well. It of course, costs a little extra! We even kept an Oxygene/Computer system with K2 bookshelf speakers in our back office for their work listening.

Made in Germany HiFi System

System Components: Thorens TD 2015 Turntable, Not Seen TCD 310 Loudspeaker, HV Stack Electronics

This T+A System, made in Germany took a prominent position in the showroom for quite some time. HV, stands for High Voltage

The power of acoustics!

System Components: Burmester 961 MK3s, Burmester 151, Burmester 036, Burmester 99, Thorens 2015 Turntable, Artnovion Siena Acoustic Panels

Our first container of Acoustic Panels came in and we set this system up. We backed it with Siena Acoustic panels, a wood absorber that can slightly act with some minor diffusion as well. The guitars you see hanging in our office are all purchased from charity auctions held by a local radio station JrFM for Basics for Babies. This system was all black, and the speakers and the rack are all custom made in the “Porsche” black.

Burmester of North America’s main system

HiFi System in Vancouver
Gear: BA 50 Loudspeakers, BA 71 Loudspeakers, Vertere SG-1 Turntable, 2 911 Power Amplifiers, 069 CD Player, 948 Power Conditioner, 111 Music Center, 100 Phono Pre-Amp

Our main Burmester reference system received an upgrade with the Siena Acoustic Panels. We set-up both speakers for a customer who wanted to demo the two. We ended up leaving them in place as some of us liked the BA7.1 and some liked the B50s(discontinued). The Vertere turntable is one of the most beautiful tables we have! The engineering that goes into building the SG-1 and SG-2 are quite remarkable.

Making me deaf!

System Components: Roksan BLAK Integrated Amplifier, ELAC Reference Speakers and a MAC Computer

Thats my desk! I did a nice little review on the Roksan BLAK. I moved my desk out to the windows for the summer and when the BLAK came in I decided I wanted to do a review of it so I hooked it up to my computer and blasted those ELACs right in my face! Probably contributed to my eventual hearing loss! Of course I did eventually switch to the Roksan TR5 book shelves.

Driving with ultimate sound

Lyravox SM-2 All in one Hifi system

For a little while, we had no place to mount this big Lyravox system so we brought it downstairs and put it on our gaming system and roared some nice Porsche sounds out of her! This bad boy comes in at $30 grande and has everything you would want in a system. This is the smallest version with 6 drivers, 6 class D amps, a TEAC CD Player and more.

The Entrance

Scheu Analog Premier Turntable, TD 203 and TD 309 from Thorens.

This one isn’t really an audio system but we had changed up the entrance to our office as the “turntable display area” and we tested putting up those LOA Square Artnovion panels with double sided tape on concrete. It didn’t work so well and we didn’t want to glue them on permanently so they eventually came down. However, the Thorens and Scheu Analog turntables greeted all our customers showing off some of our amazing turntable selections.

The Burmester Wall

The Burmester Wall! For a very brief period, we decided to test out the Burmester wall. “Maybe if we put all the gear on the concrete wall we can improve acoustics!” It did but not as much as we hoped. We have a massive glass front wall and unfortunately, first reflections all went right into the glass! So we eventually moved our desks to this area instead of having sound systems. While we could have put mobile walls on the glass, that would not look so good from the outside. One thing to note is that we did switch out the panels there were behind the main Burmester system with Verona Acoustic Panels.

The White System

T+A HV Series, Thorens TD 309 and T+A Bookshelves

The White System! We ended up putting up a divider to split part of the space into two. On both sides we have Artnovion panels and this side was our T+A white system. For a short time I still had my desk here and it was not set-up as a lounge area but eventually you will see the final product down below.

The Burmester Corner

Burmester B100’s, Scheu Analog Das Laufwerk Turntable, 069 CD Player, 111 Music Center, 100 Phono Pre-Amp, 948 Power Conditioner, 2 911 Power Amplifiers

The Burmester system was finally moved to this location creating essentially, the “Burmester Corner.” The main system, at this time had the B100s but eventually we sent those upstairs for a Burmester event and they have stayed up there ever since. We switched out the Vertere SG-1 for the Das Laufwerk and its massive slate base! Moving that thing around is no joke. The Das, is probably my favorite turntable with it’s sleek modern look and Scheu Analogs attention to detail in perfecting their turntables.

Thorens Turntable Demo System

Thorens TD 2015, TD 309, TD 203

A new rack by Schroers and Schroers came in so we began turning this into our turntable demo area. The idea was you could switch between the top 3 turntables and we would go over the major differences in construction with the customer. It didn’t last long as we eventually turned this area into our board room.

Burmester Corner

The Full Burmester corner in view. You can see here the original system that has not moved all year! We did put in some new panels behind it, the amazing Sahara Acoustic panels which double as a diffuser and an absorber. You can see in this image there is still one major trouble spot for the main system at the concrete wall. We eventually moved the Siena black and red panels to the location which you can see below!

The Phase 3

The Phase 3! We only had this for a short period as it was on loan to us from Germany for a trade show. This system is now available for sale and it is quite amazing. Check out our review on it here.

The Boardroom

The Boardroom! This is the other side of the divider and we installed Artnovion’s Kamet Absorbers and White Saharas on mobile walls. Mobile walls can be moved around the office depending on the needs of the demo. You are already familiar with the Lyravox when we had it in our gaming center but now it is upstairs for our boardroom.

Christmas has arrived

The almost final form of this lounge area! We still need to install two drawers for our CDs and an edging as the panels did not cover the entire wall. This was set-up right around Christmas time as you can tell with our Christmas tree. We took down the old white wall and replaced it with Kamet Absorbers as the old wall was a bit too much of unnecessary diffusion. We added in one of our new pieces of furniture the THIXAR rack. Check out the link and learn more about the amazing technology in that rack!

On to 2017’s cycle of new HiFi systems!

In 2017 I look forward to a few major components that we will likely shape entire systems around. First off, the Dynaco ST-70x is coming soon! An entirely new system will be put together just for the Dynaco ST-70! Quite possibly taking the place of the Burmester wood system after a year of dominating that premier position.

Burmester new B18 Loudspeakers are coming up to our office this month and we will definitely shape a new system around those speakers. The new B18 loudspeakers, which you can read about the 4 different variants that you can do with the B18’s, were debuted at CES 2017. Some of the lucky few who have already had the opportunity to listen to the speaker have been amazed at how great they sound. I look forward to building a B18 system and writing up our review.

From Thorens we expect the 900 series to finally make its release after a number of setbacks. The 900 series from Thorens is a re-look back to their vintage days. Modeled after the TD 150 and 160 the 900 series is going to most certainly make major waves in the turntable market. We will definitely build a new system around these new turntables.

Another from Burmester, their 40 year anniversary is this year and we expect something big to come out of Burmester. Along with whatever that is, the Burmester 159’s, the new massive mono blocks will be available later this year. They will likely just be put into our Burmester reference system, replacing our two 911s.

Lyravox last Munich, showed a new stereomaster. A smaller and cheaper version. Where will it go? I’m not quite sure. We are running out of space! Maybe it will fit right in your living room. You can learn more about the new SM-3 here.

If you have any questions about our gear or want to schedule a visit, email chad@rutherfordaudio.com and I will be happy to answer your questions.

//Chad Naputi