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ear Vertere Acoustics MG-1 MkII Review

Visually, the model that I had was absolutely stunning. Constructed in some sort of clear Perspex and standing on burnt orange feet, this handsome beast looks amazing, at least to my eyes.

Vertere RG-1 Turntable and SG-1 Tonearm

It’s a masterful performance, with an integrated, contiguous sound from deepest bass to soaring treble. Soundstaging is unforced and natural – neither painting too broad a picture nor reducing stage width. It’s dynamic too, with sound rising from a super-quiet noise floor for vinyl. And crucially, even the surface noise doesn’t intrude; it just ‘floats’ above the music.

Vertere DG-1 Dynamic Groove Review

The DG-1 rightly bears its name “Dynamic Groove”. No matter if rough impulses or fine dynamic contrasts like soft guitar noise, which add lively breath to a performance: the Vertere mastered it equally fast and effortless.

DG-1 armed and dangerous

When a designer makes his or her mark with something exotic, there’s often a sense of trepidation when it comes to successfully trickling down the technology to the more affordable versions that are likely to be the big sellers.

In Honor of Art: Vertere Acoustics Mystic Moving-Coil Cartridge

You could think of the Mystic, at $2699, as somewhat “affordable,” but for me that’s a stretch. Better to say that while it’s not outrageously expensive, it’s still a high-rent MC that outputs a manageable 0.5mV. Its micro-elliptical stylus rides on a tubular cantilever of aluminum, and Vertere recommends a vertical tracking force (VTF) of 2gm.

HiFiCritic Review of the Vertere Dynamic Groove DG-1

We’re delighted to share with you the first DG-1 Dynamic Groove review by HIFICRITIC magazine. The in-depth review by Chris Kelly, also awards our first ‘plug and play’ record player the coveted ‘Audio Excellence’ status.

Review: Vertere DG-1 Dynamic Groove

Supplied with or without a partnering MM cartridge, this new ‘entry-level’ deck to the Vertere range comes equipped with a re-imagining of the archetypal flat tonearm.

Vertere Acoustics Phono-1 MkII review

This plain-looking box turns out to be a carefully considered product with a wide range of settings that ensure compatibility with most price compatible cartridges.