Review Category: Gold Note


E.F. Schumacher’s famous 1973 book ‘Small is Beautiful’ never seemed to have resonance in the world of high-end audio. We like our audio equipment big and heavy, even if the reasons for such scale are at best dubious. But when it comes to Gold Note’s DS‑10 combination DAC and preamp and the matching PA‑10 stereo power amp, small really is beautiful: big amp believers, you need to come to terms with this!

Gold Note Donatello Gold Moving Coil Phono Cartridge

My general impression of their equipment – to varying degrees, partially based on the price of each product – is that their gear is capable of offering lots of hi-fi goodies like fine detail retrieval, soundstage depth, and good extension top and bottom..

Gold Note IS-1000 Streaming Integrated Amplifier

Visually, the IS-1000 is elegant with a formidable aluminum faceplate and an array of vents overflowing the top and down the side panels like a waterfall. The “tank” design of the chassis increases mass and rigidity to enhance mechanical stability and damping.

Gold Note DS-10 D/A processor

My head began to spin, my stomach churned, and my mouth grew very dry as I read that Gold Note’s DS-10 ($2995) was a “chameleon DAC” with 192 setup options that enable it to “completely blend in with different music genres, giving the listener the opportunity to adapt the behavior of the unit to the music playing, to one’s stereo system and, most of all, to the listener’s taste.

Gold Note Vasari Gold and Donatello Red Phono cartridges

I was very pleased to spend time with both the Gold Note Vasari Gold and Donatello Red cartridges. Both represent a relatively modest investment, but both deliver performance where it counts, with engaging musical presentations.

The New DS-10 Plus

Gold Note has announced the launch of the All-in-One DS-10 in its PLUS version. The existing DS-10 CLASSIC Streaming DAC/headphone amplifier remains a core part of the Gold Note line-up and is joined – rather than superseded – by the DS-10 PLUS.