Silence Plus

Silence Plus:
The full monty

The already legendary top-of-the range product in our line of passive hifi equipment stands, the Silence Plus, has been further upgraded during the last year. With the gel support being used in a quite different form, we could create an entirely new design. The upper support surface now fully rests on the gel without any impediments, meaning that it is no longer possible for any vibration at all to get through to the top.


Silence Plus 45x36cm (grey)

17.7″x14.17″ $2,500.00

Silence Plus 50x44cm (grey)

19.68″x17.32″ $2,750.00

Silence Plus 45x36cm Carbon Fiber Top

17.7″x14.17″ $3,500.00

Silence Plus 45x36cm Carbon Fiber Top

19.68″x17.32″ $3,750.00