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Silence Focus
HiFi Equipment Platforms

Every component of a Hi-Fi system is sensitive to vibrations. Contrary to widespread misconception, this is also true of high quality amplifiers – and to a particularly striking degree. That is why we have developed a special version of the Silence base for this class of device – a version that addresses the specific requirements of power amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and full amplifiers. To accomplish this, AVC technology (Adaptive Vibration Control) from THIXAR had to be used in a new way.

Three-level Base Design
  1. The upper level comprises a three-layer sandwich made of aluminum, the underlying damping layer, and a multi-layer wood material.
  2. The lower level serves to decouple the mounting area from the substrate.
  3. Between the two levels described above, a mixture of materials is specifically selected to effectively eliminate mid- and high-frequency interference.
Silence Focus 527mmx592mm
Silence Focus 480mmx640mm
  • black/silver
  • silver/copper