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Focus 110
Advantage in Aesthetics and Technology
  • Glass thickness: 20 mm, clear, black or sound glass
  • Can be extended by 1 floor (Plus version, Focus 110)
  • Load capacity per level 70 kg
  • Top plate load capacity 150 kg
  • Height adjustable shelves ± 50 mm
  • Height-adjustable plate feet
  • Surface variants: black, silver gray, stainless steel
  • Light system
  • TV suspension in stainless steel, black steel or silver-gray powder-coated
Focus 110 (With 10mm shelves for 65kg)
Black, clear glass$2,050.00
Black, black glass$2,300.00
Silvergrey, clear glass$2,050.00
Silvergrey, black glass$2,300.00
Focus 110 Plus
Black, clear glass$2,250.00
Black, black glass$2,550.00
Silvergrey, clear glass$2,250.00
Silvergrey, black glass$2,550.00
Focus 110 Maxi (With 20mm shelves for 99kg)
Black, clear glass$2,900.00
Black, black glass$3,300.00
Silvergrey, clear glass$2,900.00
Silvergrey, black glass$3,300.00
Focus 110 Maxi Plus (With 20mm shelves for 120kg)
Black, clear glass$3,400.00
Black, black glass$3,900.00
Silvergrey, clear glass$3,400.00
Silvergrey, black glass$3,900.00