The Scheu Analog Diamond is a mightily impressive turntable. It is superbly built and this is reflected in its sound, which is dynamic, crisp and detailed, but with a capacious soundstage that brings music to life. The Diamonds sound is particularly intense at small line-ups such as a singer/songwriter, jazz and chamber music thanks to it’s high resolution and intense stereoscopic depth.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 48 x 43 cm
  • Motor: Electronically regulated DC-Motor for 33 and 35 rpm, stand-alone, massive metal housing
  • Pulley: For string drive, stainless steel
  • Drive belt: Nylon string
  • Platter: Acrylic, precision-turned with 1/100mm tolerance, 50mm height
  • Total Weight: 18 kg