Palladian Cartridge

$10,995.00 USD


  • 0.33 mV output
  • 5N silver coils
  • 17 mN tracking
  • Shibata Q4 stylus • cartridge weight 11 grams
  • 100 Ohm load • special dampened Titanium body
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The palladian features a hand-hammered Timet 1100 Titanium body of unequaled strength and with an unparalleled ability to transfer energy. In the Palladian, we find a strong heart with more energy (coil windings), a body more agile with less inertia (reduced moving mass), featuring further a very special, subtle mix of small measures taken to fine-tune each and every parameter of performance allowing for a sonic explosion beyond our expectations and hopes.


The hand-hammered body, the quick silverish shine like a dragon’s skin – The palladian Timet 1100 body expresses visually its agility, vital dynamic, and live-likeness.


The palladian brings that spark of life back into the sonic presentation of each and every recording. That spark of live – independent whether large or small – that was there when the
the performance was once captured.


The palladian is fast, live-like dynamic, and breathtaking direct in its color, immediateness, and agility. An incredible agile, dynamic dancer – a reminiscent of Misha Baryshnikov in his prime.


It is subtle, tender, and sublime – yet frightening dynamic, with a sonic punch both wall-shaking and stunning physical in its impact.

Technical Specs

Technical Specs

  • Principle Moving Coil
  • Output voltage 0.33mV at 5cm / sec
  • Static needles 16-18mm / N at 18 ° C to 30 ° C
  • Recommended holding force 17-18mN
  • Channel equalization 0.35dB at 1kHz
  • Channel separation 32dB
  • Frequency response 15Hz to 32kHz ± 2dB
  • Needle grinding Q4 Shibata EVO
  • Internal resistance 5Ω
  • Recommended terminating resistor 100-200Ω
  • Mass 11.8g