Solid Tech
Hybrid Wood Rack

Hybrid Wood corner pillars are available in four sizes:

Hybrid Wood is a further developed concept within the Hybrid rack series. The aluminum corner-pillars are dressed in solid wood, for a luxury appearance that will blend in your home. Solid wood parts are available in cherry, black oak, oak and walnut of interior design quality. Preferably combined with matching veneer shelves or concrete shelves. Hybrid Wood rack series has two optional integrated isolation systems.

The top shelf isolation system is based on the same mechanical suspension spring system used in the standard Hybrid Rack series but with the difference that in Hybrid Wood the top shelf isolation system is hidden in the corner pillar in order to be more elegant and discrete. The second isolation system is integrated in the shelves so that each shelf will be independently isolated. Both isolation systems efficiently cancels out all non-desired vibrations, that origin from the floor or from the components within the rack. The top shelf is made of a unique sandwich board, especially developed for acoustic damping, with matching veneers. Additionally, the Hybrid Wood rack can be equipped with a sideboard.