Cello Timbre

Taking a step back in time, to that most classical form: a rectangular record player. All three models have resonance-optimized turntable chassis in layered structure.

Unlike the Basic and Evolution models, the Cello Classic Line – Timbre features slate in the body design. While the Basic and Evolution models are restricted to the Rega arm, we are much more flexible when it comes to selecting a tonearm for the Timbre and can offer arm boards for other 9-inch tonearms.

Technical Specifications

  • Chassis: resonance optimised layer construction, 50 mm height, furnished body (Tineo), dimensions 450 x 350 mm, with 20 mm slate top, for 9″ tone arms
  • Motor: electronically regulated DC-motor, massive metal, stand-alone
  • Inverted precision platter bearing
  • Platter: acrylic, matt, 2.7 kg, 30 mm height
  • Ca. 25 kg