Cello Analog Classic

With the Scheu Cello Classic Line, we wanted to take a step back in time, to that most classical form: a rectangular record player. All three models have resonance-optimized turntable chassis in layered structure. Multiple layers of wood and special absorption materials are glued together and veneered with real wood (tineo).

On the basic model of the Cello Classic, a Rega RB 202 is installed as the tonearm and an Ortofon Super OM 10 as the cartridge.

Technical Details:

  • Chassis: resonance optimised layer construction, 40 mm height, furnished body (Tineo), dimensions 425 x 340 mm
  • Motor: electronically regulated DC-motor, massive metal, stand-alone
  • Bearing: inverted precision turntable bearing
  • Inverted precision platter bearing
  • Platter: acrylic, matt, 2.7 kg, 30 mm height
  • Tonearm: Rega RB 202 and Ortofon Super OM 10
  • Weight: 8 kg