Cello Analog Classic Turntable

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Cello Classic Line Basic
On the Basic model of the Cello Classic Line, a Rega RB 202 is installed as the tonearm and an Ortofon Super OM 10 as the cartridge.

Technical Specs

Technical Specs

Cello Classic Line Basic

  • Chassis: resonance optimised layer construction, 40 mm height, furnished body (Tineo), dimensions 425 x 340 mm
  • Motor: electronically regulated DC-motor, massive metal, stand-alone
  • Inverted precision platter bearing
  • Platter: acrylic, matt, 2.7 kg, 30 mm height
  • Incl. Rega RB 202 and Ortofon Super OM 10
  • Ca. 8 kg

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