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Burmester Rack

The solid Burmester racks are a logical continuation of the integrated audio systems design philosophy. Experience has shown that the best sound quality emanates from a stable construction made of aluminium and furnished wood.

The story of the Burmester racks began with Dieter Burmester’s Reference Line setup at home. As a result of its positive tonal and visual features, this private project soon took on a life of its own, and led to a new and separate product.

Rack V1835 x 700 x 450 mm (H x W x D)$6,000.00
Rack V3835 x 1200 x 450 mm (H x W x D)$7,000.00
Rack V5550 x 700 x 450 mm (H x W x D)$5,500.00
Rack V6550 x 1200 x 450 mm (H x W x D$6,000.00
V Base50 x 520 x 558 mm (H x W x D)$2,500.00