Product Description
The smaller stereo power amplifier 036 offers many of the same sonic features of Burmester’s bigger and more imposing power amps, only in an elegantly compact size. Its high damping factor and high-performance power supply are expressions of Burmester’s design philosophy. Fast signal processing and the ability to deliver high currents were foremost design criteria for this amp. They are responsible for its remarkably detailed and homogeneous sound. Agility in the upper registers and a deep bass with loads of power reserves characterize this newest member of the Burmester power amp family.

Technical Details

Dimensions 482 x 95 x 482mm
(19.0 x 3.7 x 19.0 inches)
Weight 25kg
Mains voltage and fuse for 200V-245V 50/60Hz: 2 x slow 3.15A E
for 100V – 127V 50/60Hz: 2 x slow 6.3A E
1 x slow 100mA E
Power consumption Max: 400W
Idling: 60W
Stand by: 4W
Output power at 8Ohm: 2x100W
at 4Ohm: 2x170W
at 2Ohm: 2x280W
Gain switchable: 31/21dB
Frequency response +3 dB: 3Hz – 150kHz
Input impedance balanced: 1.5kOhm
unbalanced: 15kOhm