Product Description

The 032 Integrated Amplifier offers a wide variety of connectivity that far exceeds the normal range of integrated amplifiers. A PRE OUT output, for example, allows the connection of a separate power amplifier or the central volume control of different listening zones within a multi-room application. With its mighty 650 VA power supply the 032 Integrated Amplifier effortlessly delivers continuous high current in order to perfectly control even large speakers with low impedance and complex loads. Excellent special resolution and musicality are the hallmarks of the 032.

Technical Details

Dimensions (WxHxD) 482 x 191 x 482 mm (19.0 x 7.5 x 19.0 inches)
Weight approx. 40 kg (approx. 88 lbs)
Mains voltage and fuses 200V50/60Hz: 2 x slow 250mA E, 2 x slow 3,15A E
for 100V to 127V 50/60Hz: 2 x slow 500mA E, 2 x slow 6,3A E
Power consumption ON: max. 550 W
STBY (Mains switch ON): approx. 3 W