AnalogMagik Torque Driver

$160.00 USD

AnalogMagik Torque Driver:

1) Preset Torque Driver – Precision calibrated with Precision Guarantee Certificate
2) Two drive bits (slot and hex), suitable for 90% of cartridge screws
3) 4 Custom made PTFE Teflon Washers

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When securing your cartridge onto the headshell or tonearm, it is important to achieve a proper Torque level on the cartridge headshell screws.
In conjunction with SEM Powertrain Engineering, AnalogMagik has performed extensive research, measurement and listening tests on the effects of proper Torque on the headshell screws and the resultant sound of the cartridge.
On a microscopic level, the torque on the headshell screws affect the frequency response, resonant frequency, harmonic distortion, as well as the as well as the inter-modulation distortion levels of the generated signal.
If the torque is too tight, it will change the resonance frequency of your setup, acting as an unwanted equalizer, contaminating the audio signal. It will lead to a reduction in the high frequency response, as well as causing an increase to the level of inter-modulation distortions in the low frequency region. Sonically, this translates to a sound with smothered ambiance and “air”, while instruments will be robbed of natural decay and resonance.
If the torque is too loose, the cartridge will come loose.
Through hundreds of hours of measurement, trial and error, and listening test, we have discovered the optimal torque level is between 0.60 inch lbs to 0.70 inch lbs, with a slight variation when using different materials (eg. Titanium vs Aluminum Screws).
The optimal torque level is one which is tight enough to secure the cartridge, but not overly tight to the point where it starts to affect the resonance frequency as well as frequency response of the cartridge.

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