Acoustical Systems
HELOX Reflex Clamp System

The HELOX reflex clamp combines some of the most important functions and features arising around the tracking process. The HELOX does so by offering new features and a sophisticated construction unlike any other record clamp on the market.


1. Sophisticated mechanical advantages and solutions. The HELOX’ function and construction ensures an etremely good contact pressure. This is provided by the HELOX’ new reflex clamp principle. It does so by creating a higher contact pressure than any vacuum suction. This is done with a unique reflex-function without adding much weight to the bearing. Further the liquid dampening inside the HELOX – situated in a sealed inside chamber around the spindle – works wonders on micro resonances inside the record occurring during the tracking process.

2. Better sound – instantly. Resulting in more clarity and higher low level detail resolution. Giving you more “air” and fine soundstage detail in the sonic picture.

3. Even better sound – by fine-adjusting turntable speed with stylus drag taken into account. The HELOX offers the serious audiophile the option to fine adjust the speed with stylus drag – i.e. while the sytlus tracks the record and inevitably slows down the speed ever so slightly. Resulting in accurate speed under real working condition – which gives you much more correct pitch, transient timing and natural micro-dynamics.

4. Truly universal. The HELOX works on all turntables with a standard spindle diameter – even on turntables with an unusual long spindle.